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Does your dog have itchy skin? Would you like to alert your ex-girlfriend of your most recent bowel movement?

Friday, August 21st, 2009


iTunes has an ENTERTAINMENT section. It’s true

Monday, August 17th, 2009


More waves in the media

Friday, August 14th, 2009


Dear Cuba, I think we have a solution

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


Gizmodo, Tuaw, and PC World..oh my!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


RT @ twitwi – Top 10 Twitter Tricks

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The original authors have removed the blog they wrote. We still happened to have the tab open so here are some Top 10 Twitter Tricks for you. Yes, we’re plagiarizing. Well, not really. More like Retweeting. 


1. Replying to hash tags
Reply to the #hash tag meems. In you get the list the hot trending topics. Just look for the #hash topics and get on with the conversation


2. How to Add Retweet Button in Your Post within 30 seconds
To add the retweet to your website here is a simple trick that was provided in our blog.
Just copy and paste this following code on your blog template where you want the widget to be displayed.


3. Larger Tweets of 240 character
For this you will require BigTweet. To enable the BigTweet you can drag the given link to your bookmarks toolbar.


4. SMS the tweet to your account.
Follow what’s provided below to SMS tweets from your phone
Log into your Twitter account
Now click on the Settings tab up in the top, right-hand corner of your account

At the top of the page you find the Devices tab, Click on it
Insert your phone number in the box in the following format: (your area code)(your phone number)

Check the box and click Save.


5. Know When Others Talk About You
For this you would require TweetBeep. The alerts can be about anything, such as your name, user ID, website URL, etc. Whenever someone tweets about these you will get an email.


6. Provide Bio link
You should provide people hundred reasons to return to your Twitter page. If they click via a post link or bio link services like can be of help. However, you should not overuse it. You can use TwitterSplit in creative way to add a BIO LINK that is very different.


7. Tracking and Monitoring on Twitter
For tracking on Twitter you can use and/or Google Analytics. Monitoring can be done by the keyword searches or filtering using the services like, or

For this follow the steps below
Step 1: Prepare your Twitter Post
Step 2: Add a method of tracking (URL click counts or destination page analytics)
Step 3: Monitor activity to search for keywords unique to your post.
With tracking and monitoring you can be a step ahead in Twitter


8. Quickest Way to Visualize Data Mine
There a number of ways through which you can view your Twitter information faster.

Through Twitter Blocks you can easily navigate your Twitter community of friends and followers.

With Tweetstats you get know who used twitter via the web to send notes on a particular day and more.


9. Know whom to Follow on Twitter
There are some users you might be interested in following, you can get them on MrTweet. The Twitterbot collects data from your tweets and the people you are following to provide you the right links.


10. How to Schedule a Tweet Later
With Tweet Later you can schedule your tweets for a later date. There are much more features in Tweet Later. For instance,Tweet Later can send you an hourly email that is a digest of @replies. Use the Gmail filter to get the text message to your phone alerting you of the digest.

Sneak Peek at POOP THE WORLD v2.0

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009


It’s hard to believe that in December of 2008 we had met with a handful of potential developers to get an idea of what would be involved to create POOP THE WORLD. January arrived and we had a business plan in hand and fast forward about 7 months and v1 has been on the market for a while and we’ve had lot’s of suggestions for v2.


We’ve now got two great sites ( +, over 500 followers on Twitter, our own Facebook fan page, over 130 ratings in iTunes, seen and heard some great reviews, but best of all, have been able to watch the Global Poop Leaderboard and dynamic maps showing people from all over the world using our app. We’ve been blogging steadily, and even had a one day sale for free that blew the springs off our expected number of downloads. We’re more confident than ever that our app can crack that Top 20 list again (as it did throughout its first week).


Well, v2 is with the Apple approval gods right now and we’re very excited about what our partners at Atimi and Engine Digital have helped us create.


To give you a few clues about what to expect:


- Facebook Wall integration

- Facebook Friends List integration

- Twitter integration

- Autobroadcasting of achievements / trophies / poops generated

- Optimized loading times

- View the Global Poop Leaderboard from your iPhone / iPod Touch

- View your most recent poops on a scrolling map (My Poops)


We think you’ll love it.

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